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Chances are, it's because of badly written content.  Here, let me show you what I mean.

You run a great company, selling great stuff.

But customers aren't exactly banging down your door, and you can't figure out why.  

This is an example based on an actual client. Here's what their web landing page looked like at first: 

After a mental massage (business details have been edited out):

Which landing page do you think brought in more sales leads?


Well-crafted copywriting guides your audience on a persuasive journey toward a compelling call-to-action. This rings true for all forms of communication: from corporate websites to Facebook posts, blog articles, emails, newsletters and adverts.


Whether it's a snappy headline, a firebreathing sales pitch, or a tale you want told, you'll find that investing in the right words will pay off handsomely. 

I've flexed my pen for clients across a broad spectrum of industries: healthcare, IT services, retail, social enterprises & youth support.

Let's talk about how you can start selling, not just telling.  Drop me a line at

Meanwhile, care to tickle your guts with a dose of adventure?

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